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Rudi van Drunen is a dutch amateur landscape photographer. Next to his day job in IT he enjoys being outside to observe and explore the beauty and quietness of various landscapes in different seasons both in the Netherlands and on his various trips abroad. Landscapes are often captured with the nice light conditions occurring close to sunrise or sunset. Living in the west of the Netherlands, the beach and the typical Dutch windmills are locations Rudi is to be found regularly, but also nice modern architecture has some attraction.

In order to enhance his skills Rudi has attended various workshops by inspiring and renowned dutch landscape photographers like Bas Meelker, Karin de Bruin, Ellen van den Doel and Albert Dros.

Often Rudi is found to be working together with Edwin Kremer.

Rudi started his journey in photography back in the days of black-and-white film, spending numerous hours in the improvised darkroom (that used to be a bathroom / shower) to play and experiment in order to get just that right image. Nowadays as almost all photography has shifted to digital, Rudis images are created digitally, using a lot of inspiration, some creativity, spare time, sweat and often while operating CANON equipment.

The digital files are post processed (developed) to taste and perfection using a number of different tools on a mac computer and are best observed on the large screen.

Paterswoldsemeer (NL) March 2020

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